Making a Difference

Industry Sustainability & Responsibility

Considering community impact is a part of our integrated investment process and has been important to our firm’s commitment in our African private equity fund. From our scrutiny of potential investments during due diligence to management mentorship and development during ownership— we continue to expand the ways we put into practice our long-standing commitment to making a difference through our investment practices. We focus on investing responsibly to create long-term sustainable value.

Protea by Marriott Lilongwe, breaking ground in November 2021, will incorporate renewable energy.

Africa Fortesa is currently the largest onshore natural gas producer in Senegal, supplying fuel for power to Senegalese cities. This alternative energy source reduces the use of heavy fuels and lowers the carbon emissions required to power the country

Our portfolio companies routinely engage in various social responsibility engagements relevant to the communities they serve.

Africa Fortesa employs 94% local Senegalese workers and has one of the only retirement pension funds for local workers in the entire Senegalese Energy Economy.

NBS Bank routinely sponsors the annual Mulanje Porters Race in Malawi.

The FCA Corp Team currently sits on boards of five African portfolio companies, demonstrating a commitment to the development and mentorship at the entity level. Ensuring and upholding strong values within the corporate structure is paramount to economic success.

We have sponsored educational forums in Africa on governance and accountability. We have also sponsored management educational programs in Africa and in the United States for African Directors and Managers for corporate, public, and social organizations.

We have also facilitated training programs for parents, orphanage staff, and health care providers on early childhood development.

We engage with a range of non-profit organizations that are creating meaningful change in our communities and abroad. Here’s a look at some of them:

Mary’s Meals – Malawi

Mary’s Meals reaches hundreds of thousands of primary aged children across Malawi, where they work closely with schools and community volunteers who help prepare and serve nutritious meals every school day.
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Open Arms Malawi

Open Arms believes that every child has a right to survival and development. Their principal aim is to provide care to Malawi’s vulnerable children, supporting them within families and communities so that they can thrive.
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