A Legacy of Putting Clients First

FCA Corp’s predecessor was founded by Robert Scharar in Wellsley, Massachusetts in 1975 and opened a Houston, Texas office in 1976, setting the stage for its continued growth and impact on the wealth management and financial services industry.


Robert Scharar is a pioneer in fee-only, holistic wealth management and financial planning.  

Since inception, FCA Corp set itself apart by embracing an unconventional approach. Fee-only financial planning and wealth management services wasn’t the norm during this time. However, Rob’s strong conviction in a client-first ethos has stood the test of time. Rob laid the foundation for the company’s footprint with his approach to wealth management: a legacy of putting clients first. Robert Scharar was not just a founder; he was a hands-on trusted advisor who believed in looking at the whole client. This approach, now commonly referred to as holistic wealth management and financial planning, was ahead of its time.


Client servicing that treats the client as a “whole person”. 

Rob Scharar brought a personalized perspective to client servicing. Much like a family physician’s approach which started with a physical examination to establish a baseline, then recommend a wellness plan and monitor the progress. Rob’s use of this approach allowed FCA to be integrally involved in helping the client succeed in reaching their goals. For example, if a client required specialized assistance—a metaphorical “heart surgeon” for their financial needs—Robert would go the extra mile to coordinate the needed professionals and provide that personalized link between the client and the team.

Every client’s financial journey is unique, with a distinct set of circumstances and aspirations. Rob was strongly aware of this fact. So, he approached each client with a profound sense of care, tailoring his services to their unique goals. This commitment often extended beyond the usual business hours. With Robert taking house calls to ensure his clients received the attention and support he believes they deserve.

In essence, FCA Corp’s legacy of putting clients first is rooted in the enduring commitment to client satisfaction, a pioneering vision for holistic financial well-being, and a high level of personalized service. Furthermore, Robert Scharar’s ethos and FCA Corp’s legacy continues to guide the company, making FCA Corp a trusted partner in helping clients achieve their financial goals for their entire life journey.


FCA Corp’s firsthand, worldly perspective allows us to offer a different viewpoint, helping our clients make more informed decisions.

For nearly 50 years, Robert Scharar’s view of investing has been globally-informed. Robert saw the benefit of being diversified, and sought out opportunities across borders and barriers. Our global involvement and investments provide us with a unique and worldly perspective. As a result, enables us to offer a different viewpoint. Rob and FCA Corp’s deep involvement in countries around the world gives us first hand insights into global events and opportunities. Thus helping us make more informed investment decisions in the United States. Through an integrated approach across our firm, we seek to provide innovative financial solutions, tax planning and access to investment vehicles to create value, positive economic, and intrinsic impact for our clients.

Today, we deliver differentiated opportunities with a global perspective, connecting clients to the world. In many cases, clients have been proactive by participating in educational endeavors, economic trips, mentoring human talent and sharing their vast experiences on several global initiatives.

We’ve been in business for 50 years.

Our team has been through numerous market cycles.

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