Estate Planning: Helping You Leave a Lasting Legacy

We help you safeguard your wealth for the people and causes you care about most.

At FCA Corp, we can help you create an estate planning strategy that safeguards your wealth to your family or favorite charitable organizations. Our team of professionals, that includes JDs and CPAs, will collaborate with your legal counsel and your tax team to help ensure that your estate planning goals are according to your wishes.

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We know complex estate planning. Our advisory team, made up of individuals that hold credentials such as CFP®, JD, CPA and Tax-LLM, have helped successful families design and implement plans to help minimize their tax burden.

Many firms just coordinate a phone call with your attorney and tax professional and are not able to add substantive input. At FCA Corp, our professionals have prior experience preparing estate plans, trust and probate administration, preparing Estate Tax Form 706, Gift Tax Form 709 and Estate / Income Tax Form 1041. We have the understanding on what’s needed or what’s missing in your important estate planning documents and can coordinate with your estate attorney. We deliver peace of mind to our clients by delivering a truly cohesive estate plan and assist your heirs in the implementation and administration of the plan.

Our Estate Planning Services Include:

Coordination with Probate and Estate Attorneys including;

Titling and Beneficiary Designations

Trust and Will Preparation

Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, Directive to Physicians and Other Ancillary Documents

Special Needs Beneficiaries

Family Wealth Transfer and Estate Plan Design

Existing Estate Plan Analysis

Planning for Trusts and Assisting with Administration


Outright, Charitable Trust, or Donor-advised Gift Funds

Tax Strategies

Prepare or Review: Estate Tax Form 706, Gift Tax Form 709, Estate / Income Tax Form 1041

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