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FCA Corp is a leading global investment management and financial advisory firm, delivering differentiated long-term performance on behalf of clients around the world. Through an integrated approach across our firm, we seek to provide innovative financial solutions and investment vehicles to create lasting value and positive economic impact for our investors, companies, and communities.

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‘Shape our Future’: The US plan for a Modern African Partnership

On August 8, during his third visit to Africa in just ten months, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced the US Strategy Towards Sub-Saharan Africa, the Biden administration’s vision for a US-Africa partnership. The strategy is divided into four objectives: fostering openness and open societies, delivering democratic and security dividends, advancing pandemic recovery and economic Read more...

Economy & Business

Dispatch from Europe: A Cloudy Outlook

By Tom Koch, FCA Corp’s Director, Global Capital and Strategy There is a lot going on in Europe these days, and it takes traveling there and engaging in one-on-one conversation to truly grasp the scope of these issues. For financial professionals, understanding “on-the-ground” sentiment becomes very important to manage risk, understand potential opportunities, and validate broader Read more...


Resetting Your Investment Approach

Read the article published on NASDAQ The past few years have provided us with plenty of world-altering events, horrifically bad news and massive challenges. I think the big investment story though is not inflation or the pandemics effects on the economy, but how well many management teams responded to these challenges. It is not just what Read more...