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Tax Planning and Preparation in Houston

Holistic and impactful tax planning and compliance solutions.

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Tax Planning and Preparation in Houston

Holistic and impactful tax planning and compliance solutions.

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FCA Corp offers tax planning and preparation services in-house in Houston, or coordinated with your existing CPA, that are fully integrated into your comprehensive financial plan. Our in-house team of attorneys, CPAs and other tax professionals take the time to understand your unique circumstances and will work with you to develop holistic and impactful tax planning and compliance solutions to fit your unique needs that evolve with you as your wealth grows.

Tax planning strategies in Houston that are fully integrated into your financial plan.

We believe tax planning strategies are an integral part of your overall financial plan. Our tax team, lead by CPAs, has the experience to handle more complex situations and integrate recommendations into your financial plan nimbly and in-house – meaning that we can truly be at the center of your financial life.

Tax preparation in-house for all your tax compliance needs.

With an ever-expanding tax code and increasing regulations on a federal, state, and local level, it is more important than ever that you have a trusted tax advisor on your side. Whether FCA or your existing CPA prepares your tax return, you can expect this information to be integrated into your financial plan. This includes individual and trust tax returns to more complicated business tax returns and estate and gift returns — you can expect integration into your financial plan. At FCA Corp, expertise comes standard.

Our tax preparation services include:

  • Individuals (Form 1040)
  • Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (Form 1065)
  • S-Corporations (Form 1120-S)
  • Corporations (Form 1120)
  • Trust Income Tax Returns (Form 1041)
  • Estate Income Tax Returns (Form 1041)
  • Gift (and GST) Tax Returns (Form 709)
  • Estate Tax Return (Form 706)
  • Step-up in Basis Information to beneficiaries acquiring property from the estate (Form 8971)

Tax planning and return preparation for complicated estates and trusts. (Form 706)

At FCA Corp, our team has the experience to help you with the difficult choices you need to make about what will happen to your assets now, and after you’ve passed away. If your executor retains FCA Corp, we can provide the needed expertise in preparing and reviewing Form 706, the tax return needed for taxable estates and claiming the unused estate tax exemption at the first death that is transferable to the surviving spouse.

Our planning will consider the potential benefit to your heirs from the Step-up in Basis of your estate assets to their date of death value.We assist with tax planning so that your loved ones aren’t left with an unnecessarily complicated and messy burden after your death.

If you or one of your family members has been appointed as the Successor Trustee or Executor of the Estate, FCA Corp can help them perform their responsibilities in a professional manner.

Financial Advisor in Houston Financial Planning in Houston FCA Corp

Boutique, family-office experience

As a boutique firm, we have the agility to serve you and give you prompt, individualized attention in Houston. We work closely and collaboratively with you to develop a personalized wealth management plan that meets your goals and aspirations, taking into account your personal and family values.

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