Specialized advice for executives with complex financial needs

In today’s fast-paced business environment, executives like you are constantly focused on maximizing their corporate benefits and compensation packages. While these packages often come with enticing stock options and other incentives, the complex landscape of tax consequences can be overwhelming. Vesting dates, strike prices, and the separation of W2 salaries from corporate benefit packages create a financial puzzle that demands expert guidance. To ensure that you’re optimizing your financial future in a tax-conscience manner, it’s crucial to have a financial partner that understands your unique set of circumstances and who specializes in wealth management for executives.

We understand you may have little time to plan for your future. That’s why we specialize in helping executives like you navigate the intricate world of executive compensation and tax planning. Let us help you secure your financial well-being and make the most of the opportunities that your corporate benefits provide.

Some of the questions we help our clients answer:

  • I’m very busy and don’t have the time to research strategies. Can you help me monitor my financial strategies and help me make educated decisions?
  • How can you help me make more informed choices when it comes to my corporate benefits and compensation packages?
  • What strategies should I consider to protect myself when I have a concentration in my employer’s stock?
  • Should I exercise my stock options?
  • Am I holding too much company stock?
  • Based on my career experience, am I maximizing my opportunities?
  • When can I retire?
  • How can I save more on taxes?
  • How can I maintain my current lifestyle in retirement?
  • How does my current investment strategy take into account my retirement?
  • My spouse would like me to set up a contingency plan should something unforeseen happen to me. Can you help?

How We Serve Executives

Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

We will develop a comprehensive 360-degree goals-based plan for your life.

Executive Compensation and Benefits

We have the knowledge and experience in reviewing complex executive compensation and benefit plans.

Charitable Planning

Our team is well equipped to help you develop a carefully constructed charitable giving strategy that’s tax-efficient and enhances the benefits to you, your family and the causes you care about.

Investment Management

Our investment team has access to a wide range of investments - allowing us to meet your individual risk-reward requirements efficiently.

Stock Option Guidance

We understand the frameworks of executive compensation, from incentive stock options (ISOs), non-qualified stock options (NSOs), restricted stock, and various equity programs.

Estate Planning

When creating estate plans, we will review and comment on wills, trusts, power of attorneys and health care directives to increase the likelihood of successful implementation.

Tax Planning & Preparation

We offer a range of tax services including consulting, tax compliance, and the preparation of state and federal tax returns.

Retirement Planning

We will help you define a clear roadmap to support your income and desired lifestyle in retirement.
We will review your existing insurance coverage and recommend personal insurance solutions including life, disability, and long-term care insurance. We are not insurance agents.

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