Charitable Giving: Helping You Support the Causes You Care Most About

Charitable giving with tax strategies in mind.

Many high-net-worth individuals and families may over pay the government in the form of taxes because they don’t have an effective charitable giving strategy integrated into their financial plan. With the right team and the right charitable giving plan in place, you can reduce your taxable income and have more control over your wealth.

At FCA Corp, our team can help you develop a carefully constructed charitable giving strategy that’s tax-efficient and enhances the benefits to you, your family and the causes you care about.

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Providing you with guidance on how,
when and what to give.

We can work with you to utilize the charitable giving strategies that align best with your overall financial plan and charitable visions. We’ll explore timing and tax strategies to ensure you are giving in the most effective way and help you determine what works best for your support to your chosen charities. Our goal is to make your family giving process thoughtful, simple and impactful.

Our Charitable Giving Services Include:

We work with numerous Public Donor-advised Funds

We coordinate client direct gifts with Hospitals, Universities and other charities

Gifts of Appreciated Property and IRS Substantiation Requirements

Charitable trust that benefit the charity, the donor and/or a selected beneficiary

 Gifts as a part of your estate plan

The use of charitable pledges

Non-cash charitable gift reporting

Assist with client private foundations


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