Personalized guidance for business owners, from strategy to succession planning

Your business is not just a job; it’s your passion, your life’s work. But the constant challenges, never-ending to-do lists, and complex needs can lead to a never-ending stream of worries and sleepless nights. Whether you’re concerned about planning for a successful exit, devising a robust business strategy, retaining key employees, reducing your tax burden, or contemplating a transition to the next generation, we understand the challenges you face as a small business owner.

At FCA Corp, our personal advice is tailored to the entrepreneurial spirit that drives you. Let us be your trusted partners in navigating these uncertainties, providing the support and guidance you need. You’ve earned the peace of mind and freedom that comes with expert advice.

Some of the questions we help our clients answer:

  • What is the importance of financial planning for a business?
  • I know I need an exit strategy. How should I best plan for a liquidity event and/or cash withdrawals from my business?
  • What will my financial needs be after I exit my business?
  • What am I doing now to maximize the value of my business?
  • How up-to-date is my Estate Plan…do I even have one?
  • My tax bill is very expensive. How can I save more on taxes?
  • My spouse would like me to set up a plan should something unforeseen happens to me. What do I need to put in place and how much does a contingency plan cost to create?
  • When can I retire?
  • How much annual retirement income do I need?
  • Where will my retirement income come from?
  • How can I leverage my ability and operating expertise to earn an income?

How We Serve Business Owners

Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

We will develop a comprehensive 360-degree goals-based plan for your life.

Corporate Finance

We have years of experience advising entrepreneurs and business owners as they transform the finance organization,, undertake major investment and financing decisions and communicate with investors.

Exit Strategy

We help entrepreneurs and business owners address the personal, tax, and financial aspects of the sale of a business.

Tax Preparation & Planning

We are equipped to coordinate all of your business tax compliance needs as well as to provide powerful and practical tax planning strategies for all phases of your business startup, expansion, and succession plans.


We provide entrepreneurs and business owners guidance on their systems, equipment, people, and processes needed to make the organization function.
We can assist you with mergers and acquisitions, valuation and accounting, investment banking, forensic advisory services, as well as assist in the planning and implementing mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures to help meet your specific objectives.

Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Liquidity Event Planning

Whether through an IPO or a strategic sale, we help business owners and entrepreneurs with planning for a liquidity event pre-sale and post-sale.

Entity Selection

Our experienced team helps business owners and entrepreneurs choose the right structure of the business taking into account daily operations, taxes, and personal risk.
Whether it's the transition from the Founder to the first generation, or even later generations, we have assisted clients in the process of how to govern, reward, transition control, pay for, and help make the business to continue to be viable as a family business when a third party sale is not the desired result.

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