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Africap LLC, an FCA Corp advised entity, announced its direct investment into Rosslyn Grove in Nairobi, Kenya

Africap LLC, an FCA Corp advised entity, announced its direct investment into Rosslyn Grove, a sustainable diplomatic housing project in Nairobi, Kenya. The investment is a joint venture with Verdant Ventures, a U.S.-based international real estate development company and Gateway Real Estate Africa, a Mauritius-based real estate development company.

Rosslyn Grove is a 90-unit diplomatic apartment and townhouse community development in Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city. The property is located five minutes from the U.S. embassy and is the first high-end residential complex in the city that will comply with U.S. standards for diplomatic housing. The construction of the complex, which commenced in November 2020, will create an estimated total of 1,600 jobs. Through a local construction team and locally procured materials, the development will significantly contribute to the local Kenyan economy and strengthen U.S. diplomatic relations with Kenya.

With operational exposure to 10 African countries through Africap, LLC, FCA Corp aims to continue the support and proliferation of U.S. diplomatic engagement and the growth of investment into the continent. The investment into Rosslyn Grove further expands FCA Corp’s real estate experience and holdings in the African market through managed entities which includes investments and board seats in ICON Properties and Blantyre Hotels Plc, both publicly traded on the Malawian stock exchange, diplomatic housing in Kenya, light-manufacturing in Zambia, as well as active hotel and student housing developments in Senegal, Lesotho, and Malawi.

About FCA Corp
FCA Corp is a leading global investment management and financial advisory firm, delivering differentiated long-term performance on behalf of clients around the world. FCA Corp manages Africap LLC, a leading African private equity fund established in 1999 for the primary purpose of capital appreciation through growth equity investments in small and midsize enterprises in the African market. Africap LLC focuses on Impact Investment across a range of industries including healthcare, insurance, QSRs, hotels, mining, logistics, real estate, and technology where financial performance and societal impact are intrinsically aligned.

About Gateway Real Estate Africa
Gateway Real Estate Africa is a private real estate development company with a permanent capital structure resident in Mauritius. The Company holds a Mauritian Category I Global Business License and develops and invests in commercial, industrial, specialized residential, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and education classes across the African continent (excluding South Africa).

About Verdant Ventures
Verdant Ventures is a U.S.-based development platform with a mission to provide high-quality real estate projects across Africa and the developing world that meet diplomatic and international standards, creating satisfied customers, empowered workers, and delighted investors.